Information About the New Jersey Court System




1. Websites  This is the New Judiciary Website.  Cases, rules, and other information is contained there.  The New Jersey Court Rules govern the handling of cases and the annotated Gann version of the rules is most frequently used.

2. Publications  The New Jersey Law Journal is the state legal publication. 

3. Organization  There are 21 counties with each having a county court.  Larger cases are handled in the Law Division, smaller ones in the Special Civil Part.   Appeals are taken to the Appellate Division and then the New Jersey Supreme Court.   Judges are appointed for seven year terms, rather than being elected. 

4. Trial scheduling Cases are called for trial before an assignment judge who generally assigns them to particular judges for settlement discussions and then trial. 

5. Characteristic of New Jersey Courts  Most trial judges will initially address settlement.

6. Computer filing   State courts generally do not have computer filing.  Federal courts in New Jersey do.

7. Federal Court

8. Choice of Forum-motions to dismiss  Federal judges will dismiss claims that cannot be substantiated at the pleading stage pursuant to the well-known Iqbal case Ashcroft v.  Iqbal. 556 U.S. 662 (2009)   In contrast, a defendant seeking dismissal has a heavy burden.    Printing Mart v. Sharp Electronics,   116 N.J. 739 (1989)

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